Senso collaborating in Neurorehabilitation

March 16, 2018

Senso continues doing steps toward better Neurorehabilitation solutions. We already have partners worldwide who use our Senso Gloves in rehabilitating post-stroke patients and now we want to move this collaboration even further.

Paula Epure, founder of VR Rehab (Denmark) © http://womenintech.dk/

Senso sees a huge gap between existing cutting-edge rehabilitation methods and final end-patients solutions. There is a lot of difficulties and peculiarities in the rehabilitation domain. We feel that the main stopping factor here is the lack of communication between medical community, technical teams, science and business. That is why today we aim to get developers and content-developer together with medical community: doctors, researchers, insitutes, we aim to build an ecosystem, where we can create better solutions and finally bring them to the patients worldwide.

Patient testing Senso Glove based Neurorehabilitation program

As a part of this process we signed partnership with Krasnoyarsk State Medical University, which will allow us to develop new rehabilitation approaches and as well help us in solving issues of legal regulations – such as medical certification and clinical trials.

We are eager to find much more new contacts from the medical community and welcome anyone from the domain to join us in this collaboration!


Senso welcomes you at MWC2018

February 26, 2018

Senso team is now at Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2018.
You are welcome to visit us at booth 5K49, Hall 5!



Senso at InvestBazar Dubai 2017

September 30, 2017

Senso team together with Mohammed Alsehli – the key figure in the Middle East blockchain community.
This week Senso visited Dubai to take part in InvestBazar & CryptoBazar Dubai 2017

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Senso team at HTC Vive X

July 12, 2017

Last week of June Senso were invited to HTC Vive X Meetup in Shanghai. We were happy to visit the event and to communicate with all the VIVE X teams of Batch II. Huge thanks for all of you guys, you are making a great job!

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Senso at Mobile Asia 2017

June 28, 2017

Senso is now exposing at MWC Shanghai/Mobile Asia! 👆🏿

We welcome everyone to visit our booth at E1 hall. We are presenting Senso Suit and the all new Senso Glove DK2. Come and try one of the best hands tracking solution on the market! We’ll be in Shanghai till 1st of July and then fly to Shenzhen

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Drivers update

March 24, 2017

We’ve released new driver version for Windows 7 platform.

Overall fingers tracking quality is improved, also we solved the problem of Bluetooth interference.
Now driver could be configured to operate up to 18 Senso Gloves in the same room.

We have also added a demo application (Windows 7) to our downloads page, so you can try the Glove out of the box, without using SDK.

Check our downloads page: https://senso.me/dev


Senso Suit preorders are opened

March 3, 2017

Many of Senso Glove users showed interest for a similar full body tracking solution and Senso packed the same technology into new product – Senso Suit – it is a set of 15 modules. Each module is a small box (1×1 inch), with its own IMU and vibration motor, which could be mounted on arms, legs and torso. The modules are wired connected one-by-one and communicate with PC via USB-cable or Wi-Fi connection.

Senso Suit enables full body tracking and haptic feedback for use in VR gaming or it could be used as a very affordable motion capture solution in games or video production. Senso also provides free SDK for C++, Unreal Engine and Unity.

Here’s a video on Senso Suit, showing how pure IMU-solution could do tracking well:

As it’s shown in the demo – the suit behaves well without any standalone cameras, but to make the tracking even better – one can use Valve’s SteamVR based external tracking stations (e.g. HTC Vive), as each of the module has additional SteamVR tracking sensor built-in.


Today we are opening preorders on Senso Suit, priced at $599 for the whole set of 15 tracking modules and main control unit. You can purchase it at our order page.

Stay tuned, more news are coming!


Tracking technology explained

February 8, 2017

Senso is focused on creating completely wireless hands tracking solution, suitable for mobile use. That’s we rely mostly on IMU tracking, without using any external tracking cameras or other solutions like Kinect or LeapMotion.

As you already now, the main problem of IMU-based solutions – is the drifting problem.

We use some of the best IMU-sensors, available on market, together with our custom software, thus lowering the drift as much as possible. It works well in many situations. For example, in a boxing simulation – you won’t ever notice it. But some cases require perfect absolute positioning.

To deal with it, our current SDK version just locks the elbow position in space, so you can not move your elbow, but just rotate it via arc, with elbow-shoulder joint being its center.
So when the hand moves strictly forward or backward – nothing happens.

The software developer can then pull the virtual hand to the “zones of interest”, such as buttons and other interactive elements (e.g. when the hand is close to such area, the coordinates begin to slightly change, moving closer to the zone). This way the process feels very intuitive and natural for user and the drift is not a problem.

Our new SDK version will allow developer to select whether he wants or not this locking to be applied. We also plan to embed this “zones of area” code directly into our SDK, so developers won’t have to deal with it, only providing our API with the coordinates of such zones.

Now we release Senso Glove DK2, which has Lighthouse/SteamVR modules on board.
Those, having HTC Vive, or any other SteamVR tracking station, can now use its external tracking to eliminate the drifting issue.

There is also another solution of the problem – Senso Suit modules. Two modules could be connected to the glove and mounted on elbow and shoulder. This way the hand would be locked at shoulder-spine joint, having much more freedom. Senso Suit is a huge topic, which will be covered on our site soon.

We also want to mention, that our new SDK versions would support all Senso Glove versions, including DK1, and we have no plans to drop support for it in future. Most of the tracking is done via driver software, while the glove mostly transmits raw sensor data. So we can and we would improve Glove tracking performance by software updates in future.

Don’t forget that Senso is coming to GDC later this month! You are welcome to visit our booth at #2142, South Hall, Feb 27 – Mar 3



Senso Glove DK2 announce

February 8, 2017

Here are the latest news from Senso HQ:

We can’t satisfy the high demand for Senso Glove DK1 and we are stopping its sales.

But here are the good news: we are starting production of Senso Glove DK2 – the new version of our product (its v7 in our models lineup). It now relies much more on factory production and requires less manual work from our team, so we can produce larger quantities in shorter terms.

Here are the new features of Senso Glove DK2:
• it has the whole new motherboard,
• it is now compatible with Senso Suit modules,
• it has SteamVR/Lighthouse tracking modules onboard to provide perfect absolute tracking for indoor usage,
• it still works well without any standalone tracking and could be used with Samsung Gear VR or any other mobile VR headset

Senso Glove DK2 is already available for preorder at our Purchase page, the first units will be shipped at the end of March.

We also allow our current customers, who ordered DK1 in January, and have not received their shipment yet, to get a free upgrade to DK2. If this is your case, you should receive an email on this.

We keep working on Senso technology and as many of you asked – we developed a new product named Senso Suit.
Senso Suit – is a bunch of tracking and vibration modules, which could be mounted on different body parts. You can use these modules to give additional freedom to your arms or the whole body. For example you can mount 2 additional modules on the elbow and shoulder. The modules would connect to Senso Glove and give you ability to track not only fingers and palm but the whole arm. You can also track the whole body by mounting up to 15 modules total.

Each Senso Suit Module is a small lightweight box, embedded with IMU, vibration motor and optional Lighthouse/SteamVR sensor. Their target price is around $20-$30 per module.

We also remind that we are coming to GDC later this month! You are welcome to visit our booth at #2142, South Hall, Feb 27 – Mar 3

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