Senso Glove DK2 announce

February 8, 2017

Here are the latest news from Senso HQ:

We can’t satisfy the high demand for Senso Glove DK1 and we are stopping its sales.

But here are the good news: we are starting production of Senso Glove DK2 – the new version of our product (its v7 in our models lineup). It now relies much more on factory production and requires less manual work from our team, so we can produce larger quantities in shorter terms.

Here are the new features of Senso Glove DK2:
• it has the whole new motherboard,
• it is now compatible with Senso Suit modules,
• it has SteamVR/Lighthouse tracking modules onboard to provide perfect absolute tracking for indoor usage,
• it still works well without any standalone tracking and could be used with Samsung Gear VR or any other mobile VR headset

Senso Glove DK2 is already available for preorder at our Purchase page, the first units will be shipped at the end of March.

We also allow our current customers, who ordered DK1 in January, and have not received their shipment yet, to get a free upgrade to DK2. If this is your case, you should receive an email on this.

We keep working on Senso technology and as many of you asked – we developed a new product named Senso Suit.
Senso Suit – is a bunch of tracking and vibration modules, which could be mounted on different body parts. You can use these modules to give additional freedom to your arms or the whole body. For example you can mount 2 additional modules on the elbow and shoulder. The modules would connect to Senso Glove and give you ability to track not only fingers and palm but the whole arm. You can also track the whole body by mounting up to 15 modules total.

Each Senso Suit Module is a small lightweight box, embedded with IMU, vibration motor and optional Lighthouse/SteamVR sensor. Their target price is around $20-$30 per module.

We also remind that we are coming to GDC later this month! You are welcome to visit our booth at #2142, South Hall, Feb 27 – Mar 3

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