Senso Suit preorders are opened

March 3, 2017

Many of Senso Glove users showed interest for a similar full body tracking solution and Senso packed the same technology into new product – Senso Suit – it is a set of 15 modules. Each module is a small box (1×1 inch), with its own IMU and vibration motor, which could be mounted on arms, legs and torso. The modules are wired connected one-by-one and communicate with PC via USB-cable or Wi-Fi connection.

Senso Suit enables full body tracking and haptic feedback for use in VR gaming or it could be used as a very affordable motion capture solution in games or video production. Senso also provides free SDK for C++, Unreal Engine and Unity.

Here’s a video on Senso Suit, showing how pure IMU-solution could do tracking well:

As it’s shown in the demo – the suit behaves well without any standalone cameras, but to make the tracking even better – one can use Valve’s SteamVR based external tracking stations (e.g. HTC Vive), as each of the module has additional SteamVR tracking sensor built-in.


Today we are opening preorders on Senso Suit, priced at $599 for the whole set of 15 tracking modules and main control unit. You can purchase it at our order page.

Stay tuned, more news are coming!