Senso collaborating in Neurorehabilitation

March 16, 2018

Senso continues doing steps toward better Neurorehabilitation solutions. We already have partners worldwide who use our Senso Gloves in rehabilitating post-stroke patients and now we want to move this collaboration even further.

Paula Epure, founder of VR Rehab (Denmark) © http://womenintech.dk/

Senso sees a huge gap between existing cutting-edge rehabilitation methods and final end-patients solutions. There is a lot of difficulties and peculiarities in the rehabilitation domain. We feel that the main stopping factor here is the lack of communication between medical community, technical teams, science and business. That is why today we aim to get developers and content-developer together with medical community: doctors, researchers, insitutes, we aim to build an ecosystem, where we can create better solutions and finally bring them to the patients worldwide.

Patient testing Senso Glove based Neurorehabilitation program

As a part of this process we signed partnership with Krasnoyarsk State Medical University, which will allow us to develop new rehabilitation approaches and as well help us in solving issues of legal regulations – such as medical certification and clinical trials.

We are eager to find much more new contacts from the medical community and welcome anyone from the domain to join us in this collaboration!