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Senso provides hands tracking & haptic feedback technology for Virtual & Augmented Reality. Our first product – Senso Glove – is a wireless controller for Virtual and Augmented reality, which precisely tracks fingers and hands position in space, provides haptic feedback and doesn’t require any third-party standalone solutions for its work


Senso Devices is a company focused on VR solutions and based in California. Our mission is to create exiting VR technology and make it affordable for everyone. We develop fingers tracking & haptic feedback technology: just imagine how you can freely interact with the virtual world, not by using joystick or any other controller but with your own hands. With the technology behind Senso devices it is possible to feel virtual objects just if like they are real.

How it works?

Senso uses range of sensors - such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers, to detect your movement and calculate the exact hands and fingers position in space. We also use vibration motors, heating & cooling elements to reproduce the range of effects and give you the feedback from the virtual world.

Senso Glove

Our first product is a wireless controller for Virtual and Augmented reality, built into glove. Senso Glove provides unique precision of tracking hands position with full 3-dimensional tracking for every single finger. The Glove doesn’t require any 3rd-party solution, neither any standalone cameras or sensors – the whole tracking can be done on-board, thus simplifying the usage. Senso Glove also provides haptic feedback with vibration motor mounted on every finger. Glove consumer version is completely wireless, including the charging, and all of its electronic components come in a waterproof housing.

Senso at GDC17

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