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Our mission is to create exiting VR technology and make it affordable for everyone
January 2015
Started R&D, first prototype (v1) developed
February 2015
Senso presented at MWC 2015, Barcelona
September 2015
Company founded in CA
February 2016
Senso presented at MWC 2016, Barcelona (v2, v3)
March 2016
Senso presented at GDC, San Francisco (v4)
July 2016
Senso presented at MWCS 2016, Shanghai (v5)
November 2016
Shipments of Senso Gloves DK1 started (v6)
January 2017
V7 of the glove and suit prototype ready
March 2017
Senso presenting at GDC, San Francisco (v7 and suit)
May 2017
Shipping Senso Gloves DK2
Q3 2017
Starting Customer Version sales

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