Senso Devices

Future of VR gloves

In recent years, we have made VR closer to you with the help of haptic feedback technology and of course body tracking including hand tracking. Senso Devices is not going to stop there.

Since the first prototypes of our VR gloves as controller built into glove, we have not deviated from our mission - to erase the boundaries between VR and life. Since then, we have made many variants of the Senso Glove, which we will talk about later. Senso is also continuously working on improving devices and finding new ways to interact with virtual reality. The new generation of VR gloves will be an exciting continuation of current technologies. Senso Glove is an integral part of a special VR experience with helmets such as Pimax 8k, Valve Index, Varjo and other helmets.

We want to introduce VR users to Senso Glove more closely and new stories will be published on our blog soon, where we will tell how Senso makes us closer to the future.