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Probably the best controler for virtual and augmented reality

Senso Glove DK3

Wireless controller for Virtual and Augmented reality, built into glove. Senso Glove enables precise hands & fingers tracking with haptic feedback effect for every single finger

Precise Tracking

8 IMU sensors

Haptic Feedback

6 LRA vibration motors
>100 haptic effects


4 hours of battery life

Realtime tracking

400 Hz IMU
15ms latency
868, 915, 2.4 ISM bands


SDK for Unreal Engine, Unity, C++ and Android
senso Glove DK3

Senso Suit

Senso Suit is a set of tracking modules, which gives you ability to track movement of the whole body. Each of the modules comes with an IMU, a vibration motor and SteamVR/Lighthouse module, enabling precise tracking and providing haptic feedback from what's happening

Precise Tracking

15 IMU sensors

Haptic Feedback

15 vibration motors

External Tracking

(External tracking is optional)


SDK for Unreal Engine, Unity, C++ and Android


Senso Suit demo on Youtube: watch video

Feel Virtual Reality

Just imagine how you can freely interact with the virtual world, not by using joystick or any other controller but with your own hands or your whole body.
The Gloves and Suit are on sale now. Join us!