About us
Senso started in 2016 with a mission to make VR much more immersive - not just to see, but to touch virtual world. We develop affordable hands and full body tracking solutions with haptic feedback along with arena-scale tracking systems. Our products are used in entertainment, healthcare, robotics, military, aerospace and other industries in over 30 countries
SensoRehab does the rehabilitation process efficiently and quickly. Due to the fact that the device is just a glove, it is very mobile and it is possible to carry out rehabilitation not only in the clinic, but also at the patient's home, reducing the rehabilitation time by months
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We cooperate with robot developers from a variety of fields, from research underwater robots to robots that allow you to visit almost anywhere on earth
Senso collaborates with developers of a robotic system for detecting and destroying improvised explosives. The robotic manipulator provides its user with high operational capabilities thanks to remote control using Senso Glove
VR training
Senso, with the help of its immersive technologies, allows you to simulate scenarios that in real life would be dangerous to the health of the trained personnel. Also, the Senso Suit + Glove system makes the training process much faster and cheaper, since you do not need to use real equipment
Heavy robotics
Heavy robots that allow you to carry out construction and other types of work related to weight and precision work with Senso Glove
VR entertainment 
Sfera (VR park) is a new entertainment format based on a unique technology that will allow you and your friends to move into the virtual world! We will put on you a Senso Suit and a Senso Glove for motion capture and send you on an exciting journey into another reality!
PCVR Gaming
Senso Glove is fully compatible with SteamVR games, allowing you to control your hands in games right out of the box as in reality! In addition to being able to control your hands, you can feel everything that happens in the game thanks to haptic feedback technology and the ability to connect the Vive/Tundra Tracker will make tracking unprecedented accurate
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