Senso Devices

The next step in VR

When VR started to develop rapidly, we thought:

"Now we can see virtual reality, but we can't touch it. Why has no one figured out a solution yet?”
Alexey, CEO of Senso Devices inc.

This was the beginning of the Senso, not only the Senso Glove but also the Suit. Obviously, there have been attempts to touch virtual reality before, for example, the Nintendo Power Glove prototype:

But he worked with regular monitors, there was little need to interact with objects and most of the prototypes were used as a simple mouse or joystick.

Now that virtual reality has become routine, the need to interact with VR without a controller or gamepad has greatly increased.

“When you see an object in VR, you just want to take it, but you can't”

The next step in the transition to another reality after VR headsets was haptic feedback and motion tracking, and Senso solved this problem.

Senso Glove allows you not only to take your hands to the VR with the ability to receive haptic feedback from touch, but also to interact with the VR in a familiar way. Senso Glove has completely replaced the buttons with hand gestures, which makes the process of interacting with VR more natural and free.

The most popular movement in games, which is often used in shooters, is a trigger, in the Senso glove is done the same way you would do it in real life:

To take an item in your hand, you just need to do it!

But what to do when you need to press a button or use a stick in the game? In this case, you can use your fingers as buttons A, B and others. For using a stick, just imagine that the stick is your thumb:

Gloves also allow you to make gestures in the simplest way - by emulating button presses of a regular controller. Thanks to this feature, gesture reconfiguration is very easy. Also, emulation allows you to integrate gloves into all existing VR projects where there is hand tracking, without additional adaptation.