Senso Devices

Haptic feedback

Senso Glove allow you to feel VR with Linear Resonant Actuators (LRA) located on each finger, which has more than a hundred haptic effects that are available right out of the box in games and applications where SteamVR is supported.

How does it work?

The LRA is a small "tablet", the weight inside of which is fixed on a spring and is driven by electromagnets. In comparison with ordinary vibration, such a mechanism is able to vibrate at a higher frequency and can instantly accelerate, change speed and stop.

Linear Resonant Actuator

Thanks to the features of LRA, the haptic effect is very precise. For example, in some other controllers, you can feel the balls inside the controller, feel the surface when driving in car simulators, and in the case of Senso Glove, you can feel not only one object but also everything you can touch.

Also another advantage of the LRA is its small size. Other technologies that allow to give haptic feedback, for example with the help of an exoskeleton, are very large and unsuitable for frequent use.

Senso Glove are the smallest VR gloves

Once you connect the Senso Glove, you can test the haptic feedback with the Senso easy configurator:

Senso easy configurator

As the number of devices using this technology is growing, the number of applications and games supporting haptic feedback will grow. Thanks to this, we believe that this technology will have a great future with Senso.

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