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Senso Glove in medicine and rehabilitation

Besides entertainment, one of the frequent thoughts is health. When Senso made the first prototype, at the presentation, doctors saw the potential in haptic gloves in the treatment of people who had partially lost the ability to move their hand. This is most often found in people who have experienced a stroke, trauma and other diseases. VR gloves with haptic feedback can be one of the most effective ways to regain the former ability to move your hands.

The main features of our SensoRehab partners are haptic feedback and games. Senso technology and SensoRehab software give the patient the efficiency that devices in rehabilitation centers cannot give, which are large devices with limited availability, which makes the rehabilitation process long and can reach several years.

Senso Glove and SensoRehab software for rehabilitation

SensoRehab does the rehabilitation process the other way around - efficiently and quickly. Due to the fact that the device is just a glove, it is very mobile and it is possible to carry out rehabilitation not only in the clinic, but also at the patient's home, reducing the rehabilitation time by months.

There are other promising areas where the VR glove has great potential. One of them is the training of doctors in virtual reality, since the training models are very outdated and do not provide the necessary experience. A future version of Senso Glove that will support hybrid tracking (More about Senso tracking), which allows you to make hand tracking even more accurate. Very soon, Senso Glove will be an amazing candidate for medical projects where the requirements for accuracy and reliability will be much higher than anywhere else.

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