Senso Devices

Hand tracking

Senso Glove tracks the movement of hands in space with a frequency of 400 Hz and also with an average latency of 15 milliseconds, which is equal to gaming controllers in wireless mode.

But what allows Senso Glove to precisely track movement? The gloves use inertial units (IMU), which have up to 5 sensors that can communicate with each other and make tracking even better.

All this works without additional base stations and external trackers, only Senso Glove and your computer, thanks to which it is a very mobile and easy way to track.

Inertial sensors allow you to track your hands in a small space, but with the help of the new mechanics of interaction with VR, the user will be able to expand their capabilities in VR by performing actions such as:

Moving hand farther

Result will be changing the position of the hand. This gesture can be used to interact with objects located far from the typical reach.

Moving hand close

Opposite gesture, to make the hand close to the observer

The future version of Senso Glove will allow you to track your hands not only with an IMU sensor, but also with external trackers and base stations, allowing you to make tracking unprecedented precision and stability!

In the meantime, you can read the previous article, “The next step in VR” about how we replaced the buttons with gestures.